Thursday, November 21, 2013


Name: Alex Brandon

After a huge contest of some sexy became the winner for Mr. AquA-MaN 2014.  He will go on to Represent The AquA Lounge in the GA's Mr. Gay 2014 contest and will be Mr. August for the GA Calender. Let's meet Alex Brandon. He was kind enough to tell us a few things about himself in an interview.

What The AquA Lounge means to you?
AquA has always been a cool place to hang out with my friends and hear the best music in Sl. A great crowd of people and a friendly staff make it an enjoyable time.

What you enjoy in SL when not partying?
I enjoy shopping for clothes and unusual objects to add to my inventory. ( everyone needs a sperm gun or two) I love mesh in sl and want to explore the possibilities that it brings to the grid.

Any Favorite things you want to share? 
I have a thing for furniture shops and can wander for an hour thinking of the new rooms I can put together. I am a dreamer and enjoy seeing other peoples creations.

What does your future in SL hold for you?
I will continue to be creative here and I will do all I can do to keep this place alive and vibrant . I love SL , all my friends live here. :)