Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Wow I have not posted on here in almost a week. I am getting sloppy LOL! Yeah real life had me busy and a lot on SL too. Well on Wednesday August 25, 2010 my buddy and fellow DJ, Anjey, finally tied the not to Ferus. It was a lovely wedding, and I am happy I got to attend and DJ the Reception. It happend on Sky Beach in a beautiful cave. The guests were all excited and happy. Yeah I shed a tear :)

Below are some pics of the ceremony. I love SL weddings, yeah even though MountainBear and I eloped, but hey we had a ceremony only 2 years later LOL. Anyways, enjoy the pics. It really does not do the ceremony justice, but the beauty is there and the occasion really shows through.

Congrats to Anjey and Ferus and here to forever!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I already turned this to mp3 and do not be surprised if you hear it at one of my sets LOL.


Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Yes me and a few DJs in SL will be doing a round table discussion for the taping of an episode of Spotlight-TV on Second Life. The show taping is Today (Wednesday August 18th at 6pm SLT). This show will air the following week, u are allowed to come and sit in on the taping in the audience.

We are welcomed to invite as many guest as you like. The LM below if you to know where you will be seated before taping.

Here is the LM / SLURL to the Studio for Audience:

Audience Seating: 5:00pm SLT and Show starts at 6pm SLT.....See yall there :)

For more on Spotlight -TV and past episodes and news just follow this link:

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I did something fun today. Charmedwolf Moonites contacted me and asked me to pose for the NO H8 campaign that floated into SL from RL. This was fun to do and he took some cool pics. He is photoshopping them with his buddy Viktor. I took some pics while I was on the stand too. I couldn't resist cause I loved the poses we used. I will show some of the ones Charmedwolf took as soon as I get a hold of them, but for now enjoy the couple I took.

About NO H8:

The NOH8 Campaign is a photographic silent protest created by celebrity photographer Adam Bouska (http://www.bouska.net) and partner Jeff Parshley in direct response to the passage of Proposition 8. Photos feature subjects with duct tape over their mouths, symbolizing their voices being silenced by Prop 8 and similar legislation around the world, with "NOH8" painted on one cheek in protest.

Nearly two years since its inception, the NOH8 Campaign has grown to over 5,500 faces and continues to grow at an exponential rate. The campaign began with portraits of everyday Californians from all walks of life and soon rose to include politicians, military personnel, newlyweds, law enforcement, artists, celebrities, and many more.

The NOH8 Campaign has received overwhelming support from around the world, appearing on various local and national news programs and publications. The images are currently being used on various social networking sites to spread the message of equality, predominantly Facebook and Twitter. Eventually the images are expected to be compiled for a large-scale media campaign.

Funds raised by the NOH8 Campaign will be used to continue promoting and raising awareness for Marriage Equality and anti-discrimination on a global level through an educational and interactive media campaign.

Saturday, August 14, 2010


Well it is the end of one chapter, but the beginning of another. Warehouse Plaza shutting down, but not forever. The rebuild will be called The Age of Iron, and Yes there will be an Ironworks Club. Tonight we celebrate with a demo party. Most of the buildings are torn down and prims falling all over the place. In the Water below where the main club is you can spot some Ironworks signs and beams spread about.

OMG My poor store is in ruins lol. DJ Wesley is doing the tunes from 6 - 8pm SLT Followed by DJ Queen til 10pm. This is pretty fun. The new build will be done by September 12th for an awesome Opening Party.

Breaks are good and revitalizing but we will miss Warehouse Plaza in the 6 weeks they do the rebuild....


Thursday, August 12, 2010


I am blessed to have many on SL I can count on in time of need. I am always happy to be one of the people they can turn to for advice or just need an ear to listen. At the same time I can count all my SL friends to have my back or just be there to listen when I am down...hell even when I am happy :)

Some people back in the days, have used my friendship and cast me away just cause I would not bow down or take his/her side when he/she was arguing with another friend of mine. Since I did not kiss his/her ass then I was shunned. Oh well big deal, yeah it hurt and I was sadden by it. I was close to building back up the walls I put up and losing trust in the world and humanity. Yeah I am sure you know the dickhead or dickheads that done this to me, but I will never be petty and name names...I am sure they would in some twisted since of how they see history LOL.

Now I look back on the bad friendships and realize: Why am I caring about these useless people when I have great friends that are worth more to me than diamonds, money, or fame....My heart does not lie, and it is in a state of bliss when I am around my true pals. I dusted myself off and realized a lot of people cared about me in RL and SL the way true friends should.  There are so many on SL and in RL for me to name them all, but I am sure you know if you are one of them. Chances are you are :)

Rather than present the rules of friendship from the perspective of what a friend should do or be for you (it should never be about that anyways), I am going to describe your responsibilities. Since, based on the Law of Attraction, you draw to you and create the type of friendships that you expect and conceive in your mind, it only makes sense to focus on you. Here are the rules of friendship.

Rules of Friendship
  • Remain equally loyal in good & bad times.
  • Respect the person not the position, title, or assets.
  • Always do what you say you will do.
  • Never bad mouth a friend to others.
  • Keep their secrets a secret. No exceptions!
  • Always be an optimist, never a naysayer.
  • Always be honest, but never critical.
  • Always value and appreciate your friends.
  • Always be grateful for your friends. Never take them for granted.
  • Always focus on what you appreciate about them, not on what you dislike.
  • Consider their point-of-view before trying to get them to see yours.
  • Never expect anything. Give what you want to receive first.
  • Help without expecting a return favor, but do not do it unconsciously.
  • Take a stand in your friendships. Be who you are.
  • Do not allow your friends to persuade you to do things that you know are not in your best interest.
  • Do not allow your friends to persuade you to violate your morals and principles.
  • Do not try to change your friends. Accept them as they are.
  • Do not criticize, critique, or condemn your friends.
  • Graciously, but firmly, teach your friends how to treat you.
  • Maintain your friendships with periodic quality communication by email, phone, and in-person.
  • Strengthen your friendships by sharing fun, challenging, and intellectual experiences.
  • Let them know how much you value their friendship.
  • If you love a friend, have the courage to tell them. (This applies to both men and women.)
  • When two friends of yours are arguing do not choose sides but be there for both of them through the hard times. At the same time do NOT let either of them ask/force you to choose a side, just love them both equally.



Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I will be playing my usual set at The Secret Receiver an hour earlier this week. They have a special Friday the 13th event you should check out. Poster is below. Great DJs and awesome Contests for all.


Here is a mix I did about a year ago for SL Living Magazine. You can download it at the link below.


Thursday, August 5, 2010

Ten of The Coolest Gay Superheroes You (probably) Haven’t Known Existed

Since my club, AquA Lounge, is having a Hero and Villain Party Friday at, I figure I'll copy something I wrote on the AquA Blog / Website where I lay down some knowledge of Actual Gay and Lesbian Heros and Villains that have been written or still in action in the Comic Book world. Besides the regular known gay and lesbian heroes like Northstar, Colossus (of the Ultimate X-men), and many others, I am sure there were many not knowns int he world. That got me thinking to other great superhero characters who haven't (yet) found the wide audience they deserve.

Frostbite and Off-Ramp (DC Comics)
From: Young Heroes In Love
Young Heroes in Love was a smart parody of soap operas and superhero comics that never showed any disrespect to either genre. The series followed a team led by Hard Drive, a telekinetic who hid his telepathic abilities (mostly because he was subtly using his mind control abilities on his teammates) and Monstergirl, a shapeshifter who also hid her true abilities (why risk ruining the fun of seducing the team hunk by taking the shape of his girlfriend?)

Off-Ramp was a bit of a loner and curmudgeon, someone who didn't really seemed suited for a team, except that he was very loyal to Hard Drive. His ability, to create warp portals, was well suited to his misanthropic tendencies since it let him disappear for periods of time. However, Frostbite, a bisexual snow elf with an irresistible exotic sexuality, chipped away at Off-Ramp's walled off personality, eventually establishing a connection. During the series' short run, there were plenty of hints that Off-Ramp might be gay. When the series wrapped up its storylines in its seventeenth issue, Frostbite finally convinced him to come out. In the series final issue, set thousands of years in the future, older versions of the two meet and talk like former lovers.

From: Top Ten comics (America's Best Comics)

British writer Alan Moore completely reexamined the superhero comic in his landmark graphic novelWatchmen. He took a meta view of the genre with 1963 and Supreme, where pastiches of Marvel and DC superheros, respectively, were used to comment on the history of the genre. When he created the America's Best Comics imprint, he attempted to re-invent the superhero genre once more with titles likeTom Strong, Promethia, Tomorrow Stories and Top Ten.

Top Ten imagined what it would be like to be a police officer in a world where everyone was a superhero. Full of visual gags and jokes about what it would be like to incorporate super powers into everyday lives, Top Ten intriguingly mixed the police procedural with the superhero comic. At the end ofTop Ten's first volume, we learn that Captain Steve "Jetman" Teynor goes home to a husband who loves him very much. Their relationship gets a major focus in Top Ten graphic novel, The Fourty-Niners, which shows how the two met and fell in love in 1949.

Lord Fanny
From: The Invisibles (Vertigo Comics)

One of the strangest comics was this story of an anarchist team seeking to save the world from forces seeking to suppress the human spirit and force mindless conformity. The Invisibles summoned the soul of John Lennon for advice, traveled in time to consult with the Marquis de Sade and raided a facility that kept a cure for AIDS from the general populace.

A core character in The Invisibles was Lord Fanny. The only child of a witch who's family has passed down their powers from woman to woman, Hilde Morales was raised as a girl so that his family's magic powers could survive. When Hilde came of age, he learned to become a shaman from the gods of the pre-Columbian era. Always managing to stay fabulous no matter how dangerous the situation, this Brazilian transvestite shaman saves his team on a several occasions and was always a valuable player.

Hulkling and Wiccan
From: Young Avengers (Marvel Comics)

After The Avengers were dissolved, a new team of young heroes debuted, all appearing to be younger versions of more famous heroes. They included Hulkling and Asgardian who seemed to be young versions of The Hulk and Thor. From the beginning, the two seemed like a couple, with banter reminiscent of The Avengers' past superpowered couples, like The Vision and The Scarlet Witch or Hank Pym and The Wasp. The relationship was quickly confirmed to readers by th end of the first story arc. Most of the team turned out to have a different history than initially was suggested, including Hulkling and Asgardian. (I'll save that surprise for those of you who might pick up a Young Avengerstrade.) When it became clear that Asgardian had no connection to Thor, a teammate suggested he change the code name to avoid inspiring homophobic jokes, prompting a name change to Wiccan.

One of the memorable scenes for this couple comes when the team decided the all had to tell their parents about their extracurricular activities. Hulkling and Wiccan's attempt was derailed when their parents mistake the discussion as an attempt to come out as gay -- they learn that their parents have known and approved of their relationship for some time as they waited for their sons to be ready to discuss it with them.

Unfortunately, these characters are currently in limbo. Grey's Anatomy writer Allan HeinbergcreatedYoung Avengers and is committed to writing future issues of the series. Heinberg's busy schedule led to the final Young Avengers story arc to be shortened and his run on Wonder Womanto end early. More issues of Young Avengers are promised, but they will have to wait until Heinberg has time in his schedule.

From: Enigma (Vertigo Comics)

At the center of Enigma was a comic within the comic -- "The Enigma," a surreal hallucinogenic comic that only lasted for three issues in the 1960s. As a child, Enigma's main character, a boring man named Michael Smith, was obsessed with "The Enigma," even making him an imaginary friend. In his adult years, Michael is shocked when characters from "The Enigma" make appearances in real life -- bizarre villains such as The Interior League (who sneak into people's home at night and can rearrange the furniture in a way that drives the occupants insane when the discover it) suddenly cause very real havok, only to be stopped by a very real Enigma. In his quest to figure out why his childhood hero has come to life, Michael learns that he is meant to become The Enigma's lover as the two head out to fight The Enigma's greatest foe together.

From: Manhunter (DC Comics)

The long lost son of a Green Lantern and the multiple personality Rose/Thorn, Obsidian was a poorly-adjusted young man. He grew up under an abusive adoptive father. As an adult, his close relationships with his sister Jennie-Lynn and his close friend, Albert seemed to get in the way of his functioning normally. He eventually had a nervous breakdown and turned evil. However, after receiving treatment for his mental illnesses, he became a changed man. He was finally comfortable with his sexual orientation and he began dating an Assistant District Attorney while working for the Department of Extranormal Operations, a government agency dealing with superpowered individuals.

Phat and Vivisector
From: X-Force and X-Statix (Marvel Comics)

When given the chance to completely revamp the aging X-Force, Enigma creator Peter Milliganthrew out the established team and replaced them with a group of young mutants more interested in fame and riches than benefiting mankind or other mutants. They filmed their violent exploits to sell as Pay-Per-View specials, licensed their images on a variety of products and abused trademark law to steal the X-Force name from the team that was currently using it.

At first the bookish Vivisector, a literature student who could turn into a werewolf, and Phat, a white rapper who could enlarge parts of his body, clashed. When they realized they lagged behind their other teammates in popularity, however, the two suddenly announced that they had a "special relationship" at a press conference. Initially, the relationship was only about publicity but the two developed real feelings for each other. In the series' final issue, the entire team, including Phat and Vivisector, died in a botched mission.

Monday, August 2, 2010



This video is awesome. I am so happy Q-Tip is back. Back when rap was actually good he was apart of A tribe Called Quest and also featured on Dee-Lite's Groove is In The Heart. I love his voice and this song is just amazing. Enjoy!!

Embedding is disabled by request on Youtube so I can't put video here...But here is the link :)

Update: Yay I found an embedded code version. The link above is good for all the fun parts before the music performance starts, which is quite funny and cute. The Vid below starts at the start of the actual song :)