Thursday, August 12, 2010


I am blessed to have many on SL I can count on in time of need. I am always happy to be one of the people they can turn to for advice or just need an ear to listen. At the same time I can count all my SL friends to have my back or just be there to listen when I am down...hell even when I am happy :)

Some people back in the days, have used my friendship and cast me away just cause I would not bow down or take his/her side when he/she was arguing with another friend of mine. Since I did not kiss his/her ass then I was shunned. Oh well big deal, yeah it hurt and I was sadden by it. I was close to building back up the walls I put up and losing trust in the world and humanity. Yeah I am sure you know the dickhead or dickheads that done this to me, but I will never be petty and name names...I am sure they would in some twisted since of how they see history LOL.

Now I look back on the bad friendships and realize: Why am I caring about these useless people when I have great friends that are worth more to me than diamonds, money, or fame....My heart does not lie, and it is in a state of bliss when I am around my true pals. I dusted myself off and realized a lot of people cared about me in RL and SL the way true friends should.  There are so many on SL and in RL for me to name them all, but I am sure you know if you are one of them. Chances are you are :)

Rather than present the rules of friendship from the perspective of what a friend should do or be for you (it should never be about that anyways), I am going to describe your responsibilities. Since, based on the Law of Attraction, you draw to you and create the type of friendships that you expect and conceive in your mind, it only makes sense to focus on you. Here are the rules of friendship.

Rules of Friendship
  • Remain equally loyal in good & bad times.
  • Respect the person not the position, title, or assets.
  • Always do what you say you will do.
  • Never bad mouth a friend to others.
  • Keep their secrets a secret. No exceptions!
  • Always be an optimist, never a naysayer.
  • Always be honest, but never critical.
  • Always value and appreciate your friends.
  • Always be grateful for your friends. Never take them for granted.
  • Always focus on what you appreciate about them, not on what you dislike.
  • Consider their point-of-view before trying to get them to see yours.
  • Never expect anything. Give what you want to receive first.
  • Help without expecting a return favor, but do not do it unconsciously.
  • Take a stand in your friendships. Be who you are.
  • Do not allow your friends to persuade you to do things that you know are not in your best interest.
  • Do not allow your friends to persuade you to violate your morals and principles.
  • Do not try to change your friends. Accept them as they are.
  • Do not criticize, critique, or condemn your friends.
  • Graciously, but firmly, teach your friends how to treat you.
  • Maintain your friendships with periodic quality communication by email, phone, and in-person.
  • Strengthen your friendships by sharing fun, challenging, and intellectual experiences.
  • Let them know how much you value their friendship.
  • If you love a friend, have the courage to tell them. (This applies to both men and women.)
  • When two friends of yours are arguing do not choose sides but be there for both of them through the hard times. At the same time do NOT let either of them ask/force you to choose a side, just love them both equally.