Thursday, April 28, 2011


I had a great time last night at the premiere of my DJing at Tadd's. The dancers, host, owners, and party goers all were top notch and welcomed me with open arms. I love the requests I was given and the energy from the crowd. All in all I had a blast.

You can catch me there 7pm - 9pm SLT every Wednesday. Hope to see you all there :)

Enjoy the pics :)


Nah I did nothing destructive...This time! I actually turned to my other love of photoshopping and picture creativity and came up with a new DJ Poster / Tip Jar Picture. Tell me what you think. I am working on incorporating this into the new title picture for this blog. Figured I need a change hehe.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Yup they changed their location and club again. Same sim as usual but now on the ground. We party not in a conventional club but a pavilion in a great woodland park. I love the atmosphere and dancing being one with nature.  When there is no party there is some cool seating to chat and areas to walk around. Great trees and really nice pond and waterfall.

Enjoy the pics of the party and the place as a whole.


Wednesday, April 28

I will be debuting at Tadd's Cabaret Tonight...great dance music from 7:00 - 9:00 PM Second Life time at one of the greatest clubs on the grid.

Come for a night of amazing music and good times!


Don't worry. I still do Bear Nights at Milehigh. That is now on Sundays at 6 - 8pm slt starting May 1st :)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Well I been on SL for more than 4 and a half years and I come to do some thinking. I been asking myself what keeps me logging in everyday? What keeps me doing the things I love to do? I realized the answer is simple. It is the love and fun I have with my SL family and friends. However, with the days of social networks, IM messenger programs, and even the simplicity of a phone that really enough to keep me logging in every day and doing what I love to do here?

Actually, I found the real answer lies more in my question than my answer. "...Doing what I love to do here" is probably the best phrase that answers it all. Actually, it probably does for you too.

Think about it. When you first started SL it was a virtual world on the basis of wow look a cool sim game platform. Then you realized the people behind the avatars are just as real as you. After hanging out, clubbing, chatting, learning the ropes, and cursing out the lag (LOL), you start to figure out things you want to do. Things you want to contribute.

In RL I always had a dream of owning my own bar, club, or combination of both. Actually it was a Gaming Center (LAN- Party like computer gaming) that also functions as a day bar (juice bar or snack bar per se)...then doubles as a night club at night. OK well I know AquA Lounge is not really like that but it is a start. SL is more than just the daily chat program of the day. It is where a lot of people actually realized they are good at something other than what they thought in RL.

Yeah I DJed here and there in RL, but it wasn't until doing it on SL that I realized I enjoyed it more and more as the days go by. The same can be said for my club The AquA Lounge. Maybe...just maybe one day soon my dream of my bar/club in RL will come to fruition. NO! Not damn well will come to be a reality one day.


Because like we are in SL...I will reach for my dream and make it happen...One step at a time. My point to you all is always follow your dream. it could be in SL (good place for a test run hmmm) or RL, but no matter where and just do it. I have faith in you. Hehe...only thing you really need to start is faith in yourself.

DJ InsyX Piranha

Friday, April 22, 2011


This funny song is something I first heard from DJ Kaj. Well I found the MP3 for it when it was uploaded by someone to GayTorrents. Well I been playing it here and there at some of my sets. Here is the Video of the jam from Youtube.

OMG Enjoy LOL!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Whoa little monster: Oklahoma woman Angelina Burns mutilates, kills cat before Lady Gaga concert


One Lady Gaga fan is facing animal cruelty charges after she morphed into too much of a little monster getting ready for her Oklahoma City concert.

Police said Angelina Barnes murdered and mutilated her family's cat - before getting dressed for the concert in a long coat and smeared streaks of the tabby cat's blood on her face, local television station KFOR reported.

The 20-year-old also reportedly covered the light switches with duct tape so her relative, who found her covered in blood, wouldn't be able to turn on the lights, police told the news station.

The cat's liver was found in a makeup case on the counter.

Barnes, who has a history of depression according to CBS News, was reportedly taken to a hospital where she threatened a nurse with a piece of glass.

While Gaga hasn't harmed animals, she has used one slaughtered cow's remains in one of her outlandish costumes.

She wore an ensemble made of raw meat, complete with a steak filet on her head, to the MTV Video Music Awards last September.

She's never encouraged anyone to hurt animals.

Her only concert-attire suggestion through her ever-prolific Twitter feed was to "Get out your red lipstick and glasses."

Read more:

Thursday, April 14, 2011

GREAT ARTICLE FROM 365GAY.COM - Culhane: Why gay adoption but no gay marriage?

Great read here...Enjoy :)

Culhane: Why gay adoption but no gay marriage?

Why adoption, but no marriage?

Whenever I speak about LGBT rights, audiences are hard-pressed to explain why almost all states allow gays and lesbians – single or partnered – to adopt or foster-parent children, but so few allow us to marry. Wouldn’t it make more sense to recognize the couple’s relationship first, and then move toward allowing same-sex couples to create families through foster care or adoption?In fact, this is how several European countries have proceeded. In the Netherlands, for example, same-sex couples were afforded increasing levels of benefits and recognition over a period of many years, but the right to adopt was granted much more recently. Even today in France, same-sex couples can enter in a “pacte civile” (with many of the rights and benefits of marriage) but they can’t adopt.

We seem to have gotten this backward. I feel the effects of this topsy-turvy approach in my own life: My partner and I adopted our daughters, but we can’t give our kids the security that would come from their parents’ marriage.

I can’t justify this state of affairs, but maybe I can explain it. The starting point might be practicality: There are many kids in need of foster placement, especially, and departments of child welfare are in no position to turn away parents who are otherwise qualified just because their partner happens to be of the same sex. Social workers in many places are overwhelmed and underfunded, and are often concerned (unfortunately) about the physical safety of children and about the suitability of living arrangements. (These workers also tend to have a progressive attitude on social/political issues, in my experience.)

Of course, once kids are in foster placement the goal is often to get them into permanent, adoptive homes. If the foster parents are otherwise qualified and willing, then they often become the adoptive parents. By this route, many “forever families” headed by same-sex parents have been created. (It makes no sense, then, to allow gays and lesbians to foster but not to adopt. That was the policy in Florida until a state appellate court declared it unconstitutional, as not in the best interest of the child.)

That same “best interest of the child” argument was used by the Arkansas Supreme Court last week in declaring unconstitutional a ballot measure that forbade unmarried, co-habitating couples (straight and gay alike) from adopting or fostering children. The opinion builds from the rights of individuals to make their own choices about their intimate relationships – a right the law burdens by disqualifying them from parenting if they co-habitate – to the irrationality of this burden under the best interest standard, which considers placements on a case-by-case basis.

Ultimately, of course, this adopt-but-don’t-marry approach is unsustainable. And courts have begun to recognize this inconsistency. Indeed, state courts that have held in favor of marriage equality have routinely invoked the rights of same-sex couples to adopt. Here’s the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court, from Goodridge v. Department of Public Health – the first case to rule in our favor on marriage equality:

“The Commonwealth affirmatively facilitates bringing children into a family regardless of whether the intended parent is married or unmarried, whether the child is adopted or born into a family, whether assistive technology was used to conceive the child, and whether the parent or her partner is heterosexual, homosexual, or bisexual.”

Therefore, the court went on to state, the “procreation” and “optimal setting for raising children” rationales for excluding same-sex couples from marriage are defeated by the state’s own policies.

This lack of consistency is a drum that needs to be beaten, over and over. It simply defies logic to allow us to adopt and raise children, but then require us to be legal strangers to each other as the heads of the families that are thereby created. We might worry that raising this issue will lead some opponents to argue: “OK, fine, gays and lesbians shouldn’t be able to adopt, either.” But attempts to change the law in this way have mostly gone nowhere.

Perhaps focus on this simple, common-sense issue will even accelerate the President’s “evolution.”

John Culhane is a Professor of Law at Widener University School of Law

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Trump for President? Really? Seriously? I mean if there was anyone worst than George w. Bush then this guy would surely be it. However he is 2nd place amongst voters in a pole on who would they like to vote for on the Republican side. Granted most of these people, if not all, are just insane to even think about some stupid side show for president.

I would seriously move to Canada and deal with the snow than live in a world of the Apprentice. Granted I love his casinos in Atlantic City (great win - lose ratios lol), but really he has bad business savvy. I live in New York City and we already lived thru years and multiple terms of billionaires turning this city into a business run play pen to suit the needs of their rich friends. Do we really need that for the country (more than it already is now)?

So what is his platform so far? Whether Obama is a US citizen or not? The guy was born in Hawaii and it has been proven more times then ever. Roswell and Area 51 has more credibility than this birther conspiracy. Don't forget that these are people who live in a fantasy world anyway, and the election of Obama represente­d a final, profound rejection of their so-called values. They hate change to begin with, and after seeing the things they held dear challenged­, even if those things never really existed, they lost it. It's not necessaril­y about race per se, but rather the about change the president'­s race represents­. These are the same people who love those tearjerker e-mails about mom and apple pie and flag waving, the messages that have no basis in truth and ignore all the negative aspects of our society.

Trump knows full that the average guy kicking for him never attended college or university and quite possibly never finished high-schoo­l. These are precisely the sort of hicks that make up the birther movement and Trump's conversion to it's idiotic beliefs is skin-deep. He's just trying to market himself as one of them, and they are dumb enough to buy his act. If he offered to sell them the Brooklynn Bridge, they're probably dumb enough to buy that too.

How about you stay on that bad excuse for a TV show and keep selling buildings when u go bankrupt every 5 minutes and leave the country running to real people you comb over asshole!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


This video for one of the newest songs by Katy Perry called E.T. is pretty hot. I love the future look and presence. I am even not wierded out by that annoying rap guy Kanye West being in it. He actually adds to the chaos that is in this trippy vid. Give it a look-see. YouTube better not remove this one...Those Bustards!

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Just a few Tanks I whipped up for the GA Merchant Easter Festival happening at Doqtown and a few other sims in Second Life. All items come with a great pair of blue jeans to complete the outfit. Right now they are only sold at the festival this week. After that, I will install them for sale in the stores around the grid.

For more info on the festival and activities then please go to

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Today 4 years ago MountainBear and I adopted a sweet kid on SL. Bret Broadway became our son on April 6, 2007. It was a joyous day that was filled with lots of happy emotion. We love our SL son as if he was our real kid. I am surprise at how time flies.

To know more about this sweet soul and what he means to us just go to my old DJ website. the Link is:

Happy Adoption Anniversary Kiddo!

Sunday, April 3, 2011


I remember back in the days when me and my buds would get out huge speakers and use a car as an amp...set up the dj equipment and gate off a section of a city block. Then turn on all music and watch everyone come party. That was a Block Party. Well I got to do it in SL when I played on DoqTown  Sunday Night for the Rock the Street Jam.

DJ Regi Kicked it off then I continued the party fopr 2 more hours. It was a blast to do an old fashion block party in SL. So many hot bodies just kicking it up on the pavement and havng a great time. The lights and sound was amazing. If you are online next Sunday then come down to DoqTown at 5pm SLT for the Rock the Street Party hooo!!

Saturday, April 2, 2011


I just wanted to say Happy Rezz Day to one of my very good buds Vaan Artis. He had a great rezz day party with DJ Hotboy spinning and a full sim of buds to congratulate him. Besides being a good fan of mine, he is also a great host and dancer. He is one of the Hog Dancers at my OINK sets on Friday nights. He's a kind soul and big hearted woofer....Happy Rezz Day buddy hooo!!