Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Trump for President? Really? Seriously? I mean if there was anyone worst than George w. Bush then this guy would surely be it. However he is 2nd place amongst voters in a pole on who would they like to vote for on the Republican side. Granted most of these people, if not all, are just insane to even think about some stupid side show for president.

I would seriously move to Canada and deal with the snow than live in a world of the Apprentice. Granted I love his casinos in Atlantic City (great win - lose ratios lol), but really he has bad business savvy. I live in New York City and we already lived thru years and multiple terms of billionaires turning this city into a business run play pen to suit the needs of their rich friends. Do we really need that for the country (more than it already is now)?

So what is his platform so far? Whether Obama is a US citizen or not? The guy was born in Hawaii and it has been proven more times then ever. Roswell and Area 51 has more credibility than this birther conspiracy. Don't forget that these are people who live in a fantasy world anyway, and the election of Obama represente­d a final, profound rejection of their so-called values. They hate change to begin with, and after seeing the things they held dear challenged­, even if those things never really existed, they lost it. It's not necessaril­y about race per se, but rather the about change the president'­s race represents­. These are the same people who love those tearjerker e-mails about mom and apple pie and flag waving, the messages that have no basis in truth and ignore all the negative aspects of our society.

Trump knows full that the average guy kicking for him never attended college or university and quite possibly never finished high-schoo­l. These are precisely the sort of hicks that make up the birther movement and Trump's conversion to it's idiotic beliefs is skin-deep. He's just trying to market himself as one of them, and they are dumb enough to buy his act. If he offered to sell them the Brooklynn Bridge, they're probably dumb enough to buy that too.

How about you stay on that bad excuse for a TV show and keep selling buildings when u go bankrupt every 5 minutes and leave the country running to real people you comb over asshole!!