Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Well everyone the second show is posted. It is with a great SL and RL live musician and singer, Gabryel Nyoki. You can find his schedules and info at his website at http://www.gabryelnyoki.com/ 

Gabryel Nyoki discusses the state of live music in Second Life today and how a comprehensive presence thru SL, Facebook and website helps keep his fans connected to all the action. Also discusses his show dates and where to catch his event information.

 Special Thanks to Teno Theriac for his production work including the smooth and sexy show introduction, as well as Avacar Bluestar and Rockridge Constatine for the booking and production of the show.
The video is posted in this post as well as on the page for the InsyX Show Episodes link/section of this site and over at Gay-WorldsNews.com

The Insyx Show Episode 2 from gayworldsnews on Vimeo.

ROLLING RESTARTS: RR Hot Man of the Day - InsyX Piranha-Botanical

ROLLING RESTARTS: RR Hot Man of the Day - InsyX Piranha-Botanical

Thursday, November 24, 2011


Just want to wish you all in the USA a Happy Thanksgiving. Eat hardy and be safe.


Monday, November 21, 2011


Sunday was pretty cool. Had a good time at the DJ World Session at Arsenal listening to 4 hot great DJs of SL. I could not do my talk show as my headset caught a short on the mic wire. Don't worry folks, I did wind up buying a new one. :)

Then came the set at The New Milehigh Club. They moved to a new sim and have a nice spanking new build on a cool platform 1611 meters in the air (hey it is The MileHigh Club...shit better be way up there lol). It is a nice modern build of a building. Clean lines and huge windows. Cool pool outside, lounge and club space inside on the first floor, and a Movie Theater and Stores on the upper level.

The party was Master and Slaves, so you know my cam was perving the hot guys leather and silks. All in all a great time. Definately check out the New Milehigh Club. It is a nice venue. Congrats on the new build and move, Mr Milehigh Maximus :)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


My first episode of my new Talk Show called The InsyX Show is online at http://www.gay-worldsnews.com/gwnews-tv/gwnews-tv-talk-shows/ 

 My guest was Eddi Haskell. It was a great show. Technically this was the second episode, but now the first. The original first episode with Spike Clemenceau had recording issues, so we will redo that one this weekend as the second episode.

 Enjoy the show. I will make a new section on this site for the shows to be listed and viewed here, but please check out Gay-WorldsNews as it is a great site for info and news about the LGBT Community in and out of SL.

Come out to the Studio for our show taping and be apart of the audience. Sundays at 1:30pm SLT. We do it all on voice so please remember to have the mics turned off. The SLURL for the Studio is: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Saint%20Niguel%20Isle/176/24/2


The Insyx Show Episode 1 from gayworldsnews on Vimeo.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Lady Gaga - Yoü And I (Official Video)

Great song by Lady Gaga. I know I been DJing a lot of her remixes for my sets online and at the bars I work at, but I am really in love with this one here. I love the lyrics, music, and video. Love the fact it is a country sounding like song. Not a huge country fan, but there are those that catch my ear like Lily Allen or Lady Antebellum, who both cross overs from country to pop/rock. This is a good opposite of those cross overs.

Like Pink, Lady Gaga is one of those few pop stars that I love a lot mostly due tot he fact she writes her stuff. Also, i love she has vast influence on what she wants her videos and other production attire to display to the world. There are a few others in this category as well...but right now I think Lady Gaga and Pink are the two that does the pop world justice. Not all of it is bubble gum-American Idol-Glee bullshit.


Oh BTW...of Course I do have a few new remixes of this song "You and I" which I will be spinning into my sets coming up :)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


DJ InsyX and Spandox

I am now proud to say I have added Karl and Jak's club known as Bear Force Lounge to my DJ schedule. I will be appearing there on every other Tuesday at 5pm SLT. Karl will be doing the other Tuesdays in the rotation. It was a fun event in the air above one of the 3Bear's Terra Ursa sims.

I had a blast and the crowd was plenty of fun. The theme was Best in Boxers, so you know my perv cam was on overload. MMMM Woofers and Sexy men in Boxers.

For added kick, my long time SL bud Spandox Viking made a rare appearance on SL and joined me at my Bear Force DJ set. Enjoy the pics :)

Thursday, November 3, 2011


OMG I am going to host a talk show. I am quite nervous but very excited about this new direction my SL career is taking. My favorite part of SL is doing things that I probably could not do so fast in RL. This will be a new experience and I want to share it with you all. Below is an exert from the Gay Worlds News article about this show and taping. 

"Hey Boys & Girls… Starting THIS SUNDAY!!

In the All New Gay Worlds News TV Headquarters studio, the all new INSYX SHOW will happen at 1:30 pm (pacific time). Over the course of its production expect to see Sim Owners, Entertainers & Creative types, Luminaries of past and present, all having a gay old time."

Gay Worlds News TV Headquarters are located here:

I hope you all can come to the taping. We will probably be doing SL Voice so you all can hear our discussions and get the latest info and happenings about our guests. Oh and yes please make sure your mics are off and you are not wearing heavily scripted attachments and huds.

Hugs to all!!