Friday, November 11, 2011

Lady Gaga - Yoü And I (Official Video)

Great song by Lady Gaga. I know I been DJing a lot of her remixes for my sets online and at the bars I work at, but I am really in love with this one here. I love the lyrics, music, and video. Love the fact it is a country sounding like song. Not a huge country fan, but there are those that catch my ear like Lily Allen or Lady Antebellum, who both cross overs from country to pop/rock. This is a good opposite of those cross overs.

Like Pink, Lady Gaga is one of those few pop stars that I love a lot mostly due tot he fact she writes her stuff. Also, i love she has vast influence on what she wants her videos and other production attire to display to the world. There are a few others in this category as well...but right now I think Lady Gaga and Pink are the two that does the pop world justice. Not all of it is bubble gum-American Idol-Glee bullshit.


Oh BTW...of Course I do have a few new remixes of this song "You and I" which I will be spinning into my sets coming up :)