Monday, November 21, 2011


Sunday was pretty cool. Had a good time at the DJ World Session at Arsenal listening to 4 hot great DJs of SL. I could not do my talk show as my headset caught a short on the mic wire. Don't worry folks, I did wind up buying a new one. :)

Then came the set at The New Milehigh Club. They moved to a new sim and have a nice spanking new build on a cool platform 1611 meters in the air (hey it is The MileHigh Club...shit better be way up there lol). It is a nice modern build of a building. Clean lines and huge windows. Cool pool outside, lounge and club space inside on the first floor, and a Movie Theater and Stores on the upper level.

The party was Master and Slaves, so you know my cam was perving the hot guys leather and silks. All in all a great time. Definately check out the New Milehigh Club. It is a nice venue. Congrats on the new build and move, Mr Milehigh Maximus :)