Thursday, November 3, 2011


OMG I am going to host a talk show. I am quite nervous but very excited about this new direction my SL career is taking. My favorite part of SL is doing things that I probably could not do so fast in RL. This will be a new experience and I want to share it with you all. Below is an exert from the Gay Worlds News article about this show and taping. 

"Hey Boys & Girls… Starting THIS SUNDAY!!

In the All New Gay Worlds News TV Headquarters studio, the all new INSYX SHOW will happen at 1:30 pm (pacific time). Over the course of its production expect to see Sim Owners, Entertainers & Creative types, Luminaries of past and present, all having a gay old time."

Gay Worlds News TV Headquarters are located here:

I hope you all can come to the taping. We will probably be doing SL Voice so you all can hear our discussions and get the latest info and happenings about our guests. Oh and yes please make sure your mics are off and you are not wearing heavily scripted attachments and huds.

Hugs to all!!