Sunday, March 4, 2012


Tonight was the final party at The Milehigh Club. Although I had a blast DJing, I had a sad feeling in the back of my mind and heart as I been DJing at that club for 4 years. I been there for all the versions and builds. It was a great place where numbers were not the priority and so much fun and good convos came of most of the parties.

The smell of virtual marijuana filled the air as sexy folks danced and sploded the night away. The place will be missed among the great clubs in SL. My Sunday nights will never be the same again :(

Good Luck to MileHigh Maximus and all his future endeavors in SL or on Open Grid.

To my Sunday Night Host and Dancer (BJ and EricGabriel respectfully), It has been an awesome blast working with you guys. I will miss that always.

Peace to Milehigh Club!

MileHigh Club owner: MileHigh Maximus

BJ Baddingham

Ericgabriel Lysette