Thursday, July 26, 2012


MountainBear and I have had some awesome times on SL. I will always love him dearly. We are still very good friends in RL. We chat on Facebook and phone. However, he is pretty much done with SL. I am not mad or bitter about that. People change in many ways of what they are into. I know he still loves all the friends he has made in SL but he is just tired of the Linden bullshit that happend to his account. so I do not blame him.

This brings me to my point of this post. Since MB is done with SL, which happened late last year, I have been doing SL for the past 9 months without a physical SL hubby. After putting it off for various reasons, and not really wanting to face the truth, I finally disolved my partnership.

That's right folks...I'm single. It is strange really...I spent most of my almost 6 years on SL as a married man. The waters i am treading now are vastly unfamiliar to me. Baby steps is what I must take. I just need to see what I want to do and what makes me happy. That and a great wardrobe for club hopping :)

Hugs and wish me luck in my new chapter in Second Life :)

P.S. Yes I am still happily partnered in Real Life hehe