Saturday, April 13, 2013


Chilling on my balcony at Home

Well for a change of pace I will post about something of my every day SL living. This is so gonna come off like a virtual version of Yo! MTV Cribs lol.

Welcome to my new home in SL. Don't worry I still have CockwooD Manor. That will never go away (at least not til the Lindens take back that land on the Mainland lol).

My new place rests above one of the parcels of The AquA Lounge FunPlex. I'm high in the air and my skybox home looks awesome. I set it up to look like I am in a penthouse in a high rise in my RL home town of New York City.

Awesome view of NYC at night

It is very modern and has significant clean lines. The decor right now is modern and a little bit minimalist. This is mostly due to the fact I can't be taking too many prims away from my rented homes and shops at the FunPlex. This is good as it keeps me on my toes to not clutter the home so much.

Enjoy the tour:

Living room


Dining Room

Bedroom...Ooh La La


Den view 1

Den View 2

The Patio/deck...Hello New York!

Massage anyone?

The Hot tub...Yeah you are in my spa.

The sauna :)
Well there you have it. Hope you enjoy the place I chill at when I am not clubbing or DJing. Oh Masquerade is at the door. I gotta go do my husbandly duties. Peae Out :)