Sunday, January 16, 2011


Saturday night instead of the Speakeasy, The 3Bears crew resurrected the Box Club on Mayne Street to honor the passing of one of our own. One of my friends / fans / peeps passed away this week. We knew her as SweetNSexy Haystacks. The Party Theme and Contest was Sweet and Sexy. I never seen so many sexy bodies coming in awesome get up that perfectly symbolizes the meaning of sweet: Cupcakes, Bakers, and Cream all around LOL!

I met her first at the Box Club many months ago and then she came to The Aqua Lounge for various parties and contests. whether it been Alternative Tuesdays or the Friday Sessions she was there having fun. She even came to many of my DJ sets at other places (notably Ironworks (Age of iron), Aussieboys, Box Club, and even once and awhile popped up at Milehigh Club).

She was sassy as well as Sweet and Sexy. She partied and had fun and converse in chat a lot. Love her ideas on food and booze hehe. Her friend in SL as well as RL, Maryska Nightfire told me this week in a notecard that she has passed in RL. SweetNsexy (SNS) has been having heath problems for awhile. She never told many on SL about them. This makes sense, being that SL is sometimes a place to live life normally outside of the RL hassles, pain, and sicknesses that can plague us all. So, it was a shock to learn about these issues. You would never guess it (though I should have seen the signs: prolonged absences being one of them, but that could have been due to RL commitments like work and family to name a few).

She had a vitality for life and fun and partying as well as friendships. She will be missed heavily. It was hard to do the party, but I really did have fun. The turnout was great and it showed what a family we all became to celebrate the life of one of our own. RIP SweetNSexy. You rock and your spirit will live in all of us as much as we hope a little bit of ourselves is with you whereever you may be chillin.

Feel free to send Maryska Nightfire an IM or notecard in-world about your feelings and well wishes. She is a friend to SNS in RL as well as SL and she will make sure they get to the proper peeps and relations. Plus, they will cheer her up to know how many cared about SNS.

Enjoy the pics. it was an eventful, emotional and fun night.