Monday, January 10, 2011


It is Monday Night and I pretty much had off from DJing. I figured I get back into the things I also love doing on SL. No Not shopping, but that will be next. I decided to get back into exploring SL and many cool new regions. I stumbled upon something awesome.

Hangars Liquides: This huge, tangled cyberpunk-influenced city is also home to a European hardcore electronic music label called Hangars Liquides.

The Place is just awesome and very immense. Tons of nooks and cranny's and if you love Blade Runner, Star Wars, or whatever sci-fi like scenery then you will love this place. There are 3 sims, clubs, lodging, and tons of hidden shops and space ports. 

The URL for the place is..

Go check it out. You will be impress. Well back to exploring and will post something else later on my travels of the SL universe. That is if I am not shaking my booty or shopping lol.