Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Most of you all know I feel in Love with the newest pop sensation Alexis Jordan when she came on the scene with the song Happiness (which was one of the pop songs that i ever liked without a remix lol). Now she is back with a great new tune called Good Girl. I played it last night at TBONE in a remix that was really awesome. Ironically, she did it again and I actually like the regular version of the song too.

Usually Pink, Lady Gaga, and Ke$ha are my top 3 of the only people I can stand regular versions of their songs (mostly cause I consider them anti-pop since they actually have talent and make up the bulk of their own creativity, thus not being bubble gum package Britney Spear, Glee, meets boy band crap). I think I might add Alexis Jordan to my anti-pop loving list soon. Not yet though, since I need further insight into this new sensation on the scene. As of right now though she has what it takes to not be another Britney Spear Hanna Montana Bubble Gum Annoyance.

Enjoy the video!