Sunday, September 11, 2011


Was out today to watch the Sept 11th (10th Anniversary Remembrance) with some buds of mine. The event was televised and I thought it was tasteful and great way to honor the lives of those good people and first responders that we lost on that ill-fated day. Various reasons my cop buds could not go down there to do it live, so the pub they all use to frequent with the buds they lost held a good viewing session of the live event on a nice hugs tv. Anyways here are some pictures from the Daily News.

Hugs to all that lost someone close and special to your hearts, and remember that they are always with you, looking out for you and will always be apart of you. Here is link to running blog of people posting memories and pics in the Daily News as well. Very inspiring and helpful if you just need to hear from those that is in the same place emotionally and mentally as you are.