Saturday, February 18, 2012


Some of this post is a minor recap of my Facebook post for a thank you to everyone that supported me and The AquA Lounge throughout the 5 years we been in business in SL. I am all smiles and joy still into this Saturday morning. Yeah Insy has goose bumps still. LOL.

Just wanted to say thank you for the awesome Friday day, evening, and night for the 5 year anniversary bash at the AquA Lounge. Sorry if I make any typos...just finished my RL DJ after hours set and I'm a bit toasty. However, I just could not wait to make a thank you post to all DJs, Hosts, Dancers, Donations, Clubs, and party goers that made Thursday and Friday awesome.

The grand opening of Liquid Lounge was also amazing. Can't wait to rotate that space into the usual weekly parties.

I never thought, even to this day, that this club and FunPlex will still be around for 5 years. Due to all your love we gonna go on even further. I hope you all will be around to watch us try and push the envelope to the point of ripping :)

Love you all soooo much :))

Remember we have one more party left...Sunday will be an Arsenal party at 11am SLT which I will DJ....Sexy America...will be my 5 tear anniversary of DJing on SL...and the Catalyst that got me DJing in the real world regularly...hope to see ya there :)

Pics from the Grand Opening of the Liquid Lounge venue will be in another posting :)