Thursday, November 15, 2012


Just wanted to say I had a great time DJing on Wednesday nights at Tadd's Cabaret and Dance Club. I have been honored to be able to bring smiles, beats, and good times to some cool people. Thanks for making me a part of something cool.

Due to changes in schedules and the need for the owners to cut back a bit on partying, I was one of the days that got axed. There is no hard feelings and I am just happy I got to play there as long as I could. Also, They all know that if they need a back up or fill in DJ, and if I am available at said time/date, I would be happy to pitch in. It would be my pleasure.

Well there is always changes in life and this is just one more. When one door closes another opens. Hehe, If I were to be playing all the places I have done and there were no changes, I would be doing 28 shows a week. That's insane, so change is good. DJs should always have a chance to move on and take another place by storm, when the opportunity arises.

Hugs to all of the crew and peeps at Tadd's, and once again thanks for everything :)

PS: DJ Schedule tab is now updated!