Thursday, November 29, 2012


I took a break from the winter decor and building at AquA Lounge to wander one of my favorite winter places. Hell, one of my favorite spring, summer and fall places too LOL. Calas Galadhon, tho the name of only one of the sims, is the name of the collection of 11 connected sims. Each year they design these park lands, countryside shops, and homes (mostly for show) to the seasonal themes.

Well it's winter and boy does it look amazing there. I ventured throughout the 4 winter/holiday decorated sims. There was so much to do, as if wandering and looking around was not enough hehe. You can sake solo or as a couple, balloon rides, have a date and small vacation in one of the homes (keep it PG folks lol), or as I said just walk, wander and relax.

Tymus and Truck did a wonderful job. If you have not seen it yet I say go go go. Don't worry it is not going anywhere for awhile, but why wait. If you have free time, want to relax, contemplate, or whatever floast your boat...then go check it out. You won't be sorry you did. Well unless you have a pressing engagement to get to after...the place will keep you transfixed and entertained :P

Here is the SLURL:

Enjoy :)