Sunday, December 16, 2012


3 Bears Resort celebrated their grand opening of the new version of the sim. I DJed the first set followed by Karl and then Alexcub. It was pretty awesome. Many woofers came out to party and celebrate. The build is amazing and atmosphere was in a pretty big party mood.

I Played in the Landing Point Plaza, and DJs Karl and Alexcub played up at the new Woofs Lounge.

New Features of the sim so far are:

- An interactive experience, with reactive sculptures and objects, make sure you WALK around the resort, because if you fly, you'll miss it!
- Art District with an Art Gallery, Movie Theatre and Gift Shop, BearMen Studios and home of the 3Bears Foundation for the Interactive Arts in the Virtual World, with photography contests for everyone to get involved

- The Old Quarter features shops from ENERGY by Tomaso Franizzi, Cockwood with designs by InsyX Piranha, and Hoorenbeecks!
- A nod to the original 3Bears Resort on Kessler with a Japanese Zen Garden, for you to be able to relax and meditate.
- The SweetnSexy Memorial Gardens, a place for you to remember those we have lost, in Second Life and Real Life.
- The Sculpture Gardens, a space that will feature a regular contest for sculpters in Second Life.
- WOOF Lounge. featuring a one-of-a-kind mesh design by Bryce Tanner, high over the resort on top of Mount Bruin.

Future features of 3Bears Resort

- More interactive features
- Live Performances
- New residential homes of all sizes
 - Monthly Plaza events featuring different artisans and shopkeepers
- Updates to the other sims
- Pathfinding tours
- 7Seas Fishing with contests and unique items
- And much much more...

SLURL to 3 Bears is:

Info about 3bears can be found on their Facebook page or their new blog

Enjoy the Pics :)