Thursday, December 6, 2012


Well here is another edition of Winter Wanderings. Tonight I took a nice stroll through the sim of Holiday Village and its awesome display of Christmas Winter. Everything is there for your enjoyment. Great music on the radio, ice skating, shopping, sleigh rides, and polar bears....yes polar bears (and penguins) lol.

The areas to skate is pretty big for a single sim. Walking, skating, or the sleigh ride did not seem short or cramped. it all felt like it can go on forever. The huge out of sim mountains added to the effect of a huge and dense winter forest world. The main skate pond as I said is huge and you can veer off the pong onto lakes and frozen rivers around most of the sim.

Besides all that fun stuff there is cross country skiing as well. Free skis are available for his or her avatar types. There are hills and low mountains in the sim for great skiing enjoyment. I did not do all that part yet, nor did I do the sleigh ride. I watched a few others and seen the paths. I probably will do all that couple stuff later hehe. For now I was just delighted by the scene and taking pictures. OK yeah I skated though. Two things in SL I never pass up: Skating in the winter and surfing at a beach hehe.

You and / or your love one will totally get a good date out of this place.

The SLURL is:

Enjoy the pics :)