Sunday, October 23, 2011


Logged in at home and after a quick work out and relaxing by the pool, I got dressed and DJed my set at Gay Zone Germany's Club Arsenal for my 11am Sexy America set. The place was packed and explosive. Played a wide range of new and old tunes...and tons of great mash ups and remixes of old songs.

After that I had to jet back to Cockwood Manor for a quick bite to eat and send my laundry out to the Linden Wash. Jumped in my car and headed to Sasch's new Club and Hangout called Blue Zone.

Sasch and Thorn was doing a set together on one stream. The place was rocking and mmm I love sexy people in a blue colored club anytime. I hung out there for a good 45 minutes, but then I had to run for a special DJ set.

Luckily I had my DJ equipment in the car and drove off from Blue Zone to Tadd's Cabaret and Dance Club for  Jamey's Warriors: Second Pride Event and Fundraiser.

The Event was good for showing awareness of Bullying. I got set up and did my hour set for the event. I had a blast and it was quite emotional as I am totally against bullying of any kind. it is a big pet peeve with me and I welcomes to be apart of this event.

I stayed for a couple more DJs but then I had to log out to get ready for a fill in set in RL. (checks watch)...Yup time to go. Hugs.

Well enjoy the pics of both Sasch's Blue Zone and Jamey's Warriors. Keep the Party going and always have fun and lot's of love.