Monday, October 29, 2012


I woke up Sunday October 28th feeling older. Not really in RL per-se as my RL birthday is not til November 5th (my god the big 40 is coming in a week...eeek!), but I turned 6 on Second Life. I think back at all the fun I have had. All the ups and downs, and the people I met. I loved every minute of it.

When things were bad in RL, I looked to SL as a place to escape and still be myself. I could have done up a furry or alien avatar or be something completly different, but no matter what I always tweaked my avatar to be somewhat like my RL self...with some exaggeration here and there hehe.

Everyone from my friends, random peeps, my family, the love of my virtual life, and party goers who come to party when I DJ: all these relationships means so much to me. They are very important to me as all things people completed my growth. Actually my continue growth. Can't have this post read like an obituary now can I?

I remember when I first joined SL when my bud told me about it. It was different as I use to play only first person shooter PC games. Even in that the clan and game mates I had proved there were more to the game than the pixels. Real people lived on the other side of it. I consider my friends in SL like my friends in RL. Hell I met about 23 of you guys and gals in RL. I hope to meet more in the future. Actually I will meet a couple more before the year is out.

I thought about all this as I sat by my computer and prepared for my set at Spurt for my Rezz Day Party. I thought about the past, the present, and where my avatar will be in the future. No matter what's to come I hope you all take the journey with me. I know I almost quit this world due to some numbnut and LL's lack of caring. I still hate LL and all that they really stand for, but nonetheless they put forth the ground level of what we created here. So these gods are really small in the scope of things. The people is what make Sl great. You people make my SL great.

I just wanted to finally say "THANK YOU SO FUCKING MUCH FOR BEING APART OF MY SECOND LIFE!" Thanks to all that came out to my rezz day set party (which was crowded and explosive...I had happy tears of great joy); and those that wished me the best in IMs in world, on here and/or on Facebook. Love you all sooo much and can't wait to see what year 7 has to bring.

Rock on!

More pics of the party can be found at Eddi's blog at: