Wednesday, February 24, 2010

3 Year's DJing on SL...OMG I got a Blog LOL

Three Years!!! Three Years!! Wow!

I have been DJing on SL for 3 years. As I go into my 4th year, I reflect on how all this started. It was just a dream that only MountainBear (my hubby) and Noah Kakapo knew about. I had a dream of a club called AquA and wanting to start DJing. I was inspired Club wise by places back in the days like V-Lounge, Alter Ego, and Rainingmen. DJ wise I was inspired by Erik Rimbaud, Genie Gilde, Jay Wigner, and Wesley Spengler (omg I know I spelled something wrong here LOL).

Both dreams started on the 20th of February 2007. Since then both has been a trip. All the places i Played, all the friends and family I met...Nothing beats seeing people have fun around you and enjoying every single hoooo, beat, laugh, smile, and dancestep I have seen or heard over the years. It is all of you that make me keep wanting to do this. Some may call you fans...I like to call you friends...hell Family!!!

I will continue on doing what I do best until I cannot do it anymore. You all have brought out the best in me. You all push me to be better. I feel I can leap any obstacle that comes my way, and help you all above it as well. That is the best part...knowing how many has my back and how many backs I have to watch in the process. Sounds like hard work eh? Nah, It is all about one word I have for you all, and I hope you have for me as well.

L O V E!!!

Thanks for all the support and I will continue on. Thanks for coming out to the AquA Lounge and/or to my DJ Sets at other col clubs and venues. Let's keep on shining and partying. SL is our playground, and with a little help from our buds and family, we will climb to the top of the Moneky Bars :)

Love and Hugs Always,

DJ InsyX Piranha