Sunday, February 28, 2010


Man oh man get enough hot studs on ice, throw in two hot DJs, and some contests and you have a mixture for an awesome night of fun. The night started off with the awesome DJ Ralphy at 5pm SLT. You never know what style he will play and trust me you needed to be Miss Cleo to predict this DJ. He played music from so many genres....very good for the people of all music tastes.

After him was Tiger Island's co-owner DJ Rickie Z. His style is all over the place too, so he was a good fit after Ralphy. Plus he has a great radio voice to make any man or woman swoon at him....They just need to get passed his hubby Quagmire first LOL.

This is the 3rd installment of the smaller version of DJ Nights. Instead of 12 DJs in 12 Hours...DJ Sessions is two Djs doing a 2 hour set each. This was held at Ironworks and is presented by DJ World, Arsenal, AquA Lounge, and Ironworks of course. The theme was DJs on Ice in honor of the winter olympics in Canada. Loved the ice floor and free skates available....The contest were detailed to that too. :)

Special big ups to Marcus, Phil, Sasch and MeatJockey on the decor and space and The DJs, Partygoers, and everyone out there for making this event awesome. Next month is the next DJ Night 12 hour 12 Dj Program at Arsenal I think. Here is some pics below of the fun we all had hoooo!!

Enjoy :)