Friday, February 26, 2010


We're in SL because we like Second Life, not because we like Fritter or Twitbook.
The user interface for 1.23 and earlier was much like that of an operating system.  It stays out of your way, allows for customization where needed, and encourages the emergence of power users.  The 2.0 interface is, as apparently intended, like a browser. Everything is so in your face that it gets annoying fast. The old 1.23 client and before I got in a matter of a couple of hours messin with every feature nook and cranny. As an IT Director and very computer and gamer knowledgeable I can pick up anything new and pro that shit out in a few hours, game or program/application. This new 2.0 client makes me want to run my head into the wall and stab my eyes with a banana.
Now some of the new features are quite nice. My favorite is the option of when you go into mouselook, you can see yourself like in RL (from the upper chest down to the feet) this I am sure will make blowjobs look awesome.  
The inventory layout is god awful. Chat windows are not customizable like in 1.23. You have to turn on music every time you enter a new region. Building stuff is a complete chore and turn off with the new "Browser." Yes that is right....It is a damn browser. Really do we need this crap. Everything that was easy to do in the usual client is now many more clicks away and embedded far in strange menus. The bases if a 3d world is navigating and creating with ease. This new "browser" totally slaps those ideas in the face. Way to fucking go LL.
New users may like it at first cause who the hell does not use a web browser to surf. However, after that it gets so annoying to use that they might just not give what makes SL awesome a chance. I really hope this viewer is not mandatory. They better let us still have a choice to go "old school", but if not, There is always Emerald.