Tuesday, March 2, 2010

New AquA Monday DJ Romeo Brings The House Down

DJ Romeo Reardon, a close long time buddy of mine, now works at my club The AquA Lounge on Mondays with Host Jacki and Dancer Kim. Romeo's great sounds and beats filtered the air as many came out on this day to see him. We have not had a Monday party since the end of Fundays Mondays, and Romeo wanted to start work at AquA some day. So we put it all together as a new weekly party at AquA called Monday Muse at 4pm SLT.

What cool first night would be without a contest of some kind. We wanted to keep it simple, so we went with Best at Just Being You for 1000L worth of prize money. The crowd was an ecletic mix of the usual cool club goers on SL, and some new fresh faces. I love that about AquA, it is for anyone and everyone. Just get along and Have Fun is the motto and today it was true to form.

Kim of course is a great dancer and buddy of mine that works the dancepole at Gay World and I am happy to have him on staff. As for Host Jacki, there are no words necessary. Besides beinbg a great buddy and reliable like all the AquA Hosts, he is also the main Officer for my club as MB and I can depend on him when we are not around, to take charge and solve problems. Actually all the staff here is like that so kudos guys for a great show and awesome party. Below are some pics of the event.