Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I DJed my usual Monday night set at The Gayborhood in the pretty nicely built club called The Hidden Door. Granted it is not so hidden as it is in the middle of the neatly laid out sim of shops and rental homes, and that it is pretty open and spacious. Dru was my host and The party rocked.

I played a good selection of progressive trance and house. There was a mashup or two, of course. Like I can play a set without a mashup. You all know me better than that. :) I love playing here as much as playing at all the other places I play. I am happy to have this in my rotation and love the cool guys that comes to see me play and have a great time. It does not get insanely huge amounts of people, but as I said before I love the comfy parties as much as the all out 30 - 50 avatar ones too.

Below are some pics. Enjoy!!