Monday, March 22, 2010


OMG!! The place got packed fast and the people were in total euphoria. I did not have any play list for the party and just mixed in every song on the fly, just based on what I felt each moment. It was the usual mix of Trance, house, progressive, top 40 remixed and rock to dance remix/remakes. I kept it fast paced for the 2.5 hour set. Oh, and I got to dance with one of my long time buds, BlueBear :)

We started at 12pm SL time this week due to the time change not affecting Europeans yet. This did not mater tho cause people came out in full force and I was just happy to provide some fun for a couple of hours amist the usual Sunday chores or work people were doing or done in RL. I really love DJing at Arsenal and at Gay Zone Germany events on a whole. Besides Ironwork's Oink and Gay World Thursday Night Themed Parties, Arsenal is also my longest running weekly set.

Remember though, Next week I will not be doing Sexy America due to DJ World's DJ Night #25 happing at Arsenal. 12 Hours 12DJs from 10am - 10pm SL Time. I love these and can't wait. I will however pick up where I left off with Arsenal the following week. :)