Saturday, March 20, 2010


I am so happy for Kito and Denver and all the Gay World peeps. I been DJing there probably since it opened. Actually that place populated my Thursday daytime sets for years. I think that place rivals Ironwork's Oink for my longest weekly sets in my DJ career. Like any club and sim it has went thru changes from staff to decorations, but the fun was always the same.

I DJed there for an hour during the awesome anniversary event from 3pm - 4pm SLT. There were so many there and on my stream due to Gay Zone and AquA and other clubs supporting them. MB was online to...YAY!!! Moments like these I cherish cause it shows we all came so very far in our years in SL, and we all have more to accomplish.

Great Job Gay World. Here is to many more years and Keep it up!!

DJ InsyX