Monday, March 15, 2010


Pretty much a slow weekend for me on SL, which was nice. I did a lot of RL things with my hubby. I really have nothing new and interesting to post today about the weekend. Went to a really cool Second Pride Events meeting, hosted Vortmax at the AquA Beach Bash, I did my usual Saturday night set at The Box Club, danced a little bit to Queen at the Ironworks meets Poseidon event, and took the day off from Arsenal on Sunday (had some RL commitments). Yeah I know I am slacking. I blame it on the rain. Yes that is right the rain. Now everyone knows how much about water I am (hellow AquA Lounge owner lol), but OMG it has been coming down like cats and dogs here in New York City. It has been raining so much you would think that we were in Seattle.

If anyone complains of a drought in the city this year I am going to smack them over the freaking head. At least it is warm and spring like temperatures or this Noreaster of a storm would be a 6 day blizzard, so that is a good thing cause i'm starting to hate snow haha.

The good thing about rain and plan changes is that you get to snuggle and do more things indoors with your significant other. We did make it out to a movie and some dinner at least, but then we came home to dry off and just napped away in bed. Not a bad date and day with my RL hubby Danny :)

Also don't forget that all this down pour we will get this month and April will lead to some awesome flowering come May. I guess that is the point of my rambling here. Thru the darkest and bleak of times (RAIN SHOWERS), there is always good shiny colorful moments (MAY FLOWERS)!!

Hugs to all,
DJ InsyX Piranha