Monday, March 29, 2010


Well, my Monday in real life was sucky to the point I wanted to kill anyone and everyone. Load and behold, Jerrod IMs me and says he needs a DJ ASAP to help fill in for another spontaneous DJ that had RL issues. This was at maybe 7:30am this Monday morning SL time. I figured I was in such a horrible fucking mood that maybe DJing will make me fill better.

Well it did. I did a set at the new Engine Steampunk Dance Club, which is formally known as GearJammers and moved to a much better spot than where it was before. Most of the outdoors is under construction, but the club is fully loaded and ready. After a round of notices, the place packed up real well. I never knew there was such a good crowd on a Monday SL mourning. It was awesome and I have to thank DaddyAdam, Jerrod, and Teno for such an awesome job as Owners and Host for my set.

So in the end, I wound up with a new weekly gig. I am now set to DJ at Engine on Mondays from 7am - 9am SL Time. This place looks awesome and you should really check it out. I am very happy that they moved from the other spot. Will be a couple of days for the outdoor areas and other buildings to be set up nicely, but as I said the Club is fantastic.

Here is some pics of the party and place. Well back to that fuckin nightmare called Real Life!