Sunday, March 7, 2010


Wandering around SL Sunday morning while downloading some new tunes for today's sets I have at Arsenal and Ironworks. I have not been to Bearwood in awhile. Norbo the owner is a hot woofer and down to earth good dude. Not much has changed, the place is still designed nicely with lots of hidden and plain site chill  and play spaces. If you bears like the good outdoors and relaxation...or getting naughty in the woods while frolicing then make sure to come out there.

The best thing for me I found was the jetski rezzer. You know me and water sports (not those kinds people). They are located on the river between Bearwood and Norbo's home. There is a rezzer on each side actually. These things are fast yet very easy to control in this lag free sim.

Other attractions are pond boating, freebies, things to bear up your avatar, camp fires, Bruno's Bar, games and of course Hibernating. Bear's need their down time you know :)

Come out and see the place and you will be content. Bring a friend...always best to do these places with good woofy peeps. Pics below for you to enjoy.