Friday, December 31, 2010


As I think about all I have done and been through in 2010 (good or bad) it was a great year for music and DJing. The new peeps I met and new fans i gathered was awesome, as well as giving the usual jacks some musical pleasure. I reminisced about that and more while I was DJing my Last set for 2010, which was at SKY Beach's Rocket Club.

The crowd was intense and that got me thinking even more. There are places that I DJed at for the first time in 2010, which is pretty much where some of my new fans come from. Also, with the great cooperation between the cool clubs and groups, I realized what a wonderful world we created in SL to party, shop, design, spin tunes,  and if need be...get a little sexual :)

I really hope none of this stops and the ride will go on for years and years. Yeah I know nothing lasts forever, but like energy: It is never created or destroyed...just changed into a different form. Look at what has happened for all of us from 2006 - the start of 2011 (I use these years cause that is how long I been apart of this awesome world of SL). So many places have come and many people have come and gone...many stay and many come back to visit. As I said nothing has been destroyed or created...but the changes we go through has been fuckin awesome.

Love you all and Make sure to have a Happy and Safe New Year's Eve. See you all back on the grid in 2011.....HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Oh yeah...Enjoy the Pics!