Saturday, February 19, 2011


I have had a great time at the 4 Year Anniversary of The AquA Lounge. I really can't believe that my club has lasted this long. Then again I can believe it due to all the good souls that has helped me along the way or just came to party. AquA Lounge is just my version of SL in a bubble (no pun intended lol). Just a place for people to hang, relax, dance, chill, socialize, and hear good music...then move on to the next cool place and so on...

Anyways the event was huge and a big success. Thanks to my neighbor sims Gay Zone Germany and Gay Fun World for Sponsoring, as well as my sister Kharissa who helped me out big time today. I gotta say it was a nice 8 hours of partying...then again it is not over yet as i write this LOL.

Hugs and Enjoy the pics

PS: I will do a separate post on my 4 years of DJing on SL set which I will do at the AquA Lounge as the last set of the Anniversary. I just want my club to have the spotlight for this post :)