Friday, February 4, 2011


Almost four years ago my hubby, MountainBear and I stumbled into another world. A world we were lacking due to the closing of a huge gay mecca call RainingMen. Yeah we had our club AquA Lounge up and running for a few months, but we liked having a place to dance that we did not have to also work at. We just liked partying with good peeps and not have the hassle of running the establishment and policing it. 

After club hopping to a lot of cool places we stumbled into a new club. Hell it was not even finished being built yet. All peeps we knew from RainingMen were there dancing to the radio as usual. At this time I have been Djing for a couple months (since I started Djing the same day AquA first opened). I was shy about asking for work, and MountainBear went up to one of the owners of this new establishment and asked for me. I was like “OMG!”

Anyways I got the job to DJ there on Friday Nights. On my first night Djing there they told me it will be an all out naked party. I was shy but I did get down to my underwear. Eventually down to nothing at all LOL. It was a blast and a huge success. The path was laid to really see this being a long time running set for me.

Where was this place? Well it was then known as Ironworks in a cool build called WareHouse Plaza. Now you may know the place as The Age of Iron. The party I was mentioning was called OINK. The Owners I was talking about was Marcus and MeatJockey.

I have had so many memories of this place from laggy parties on the mainland to getting jiggy on the new sim. I have met some new friends and carried into the years friends I knew for awhile. OINK is my longest DJ set on Second Life. It is my puppy, my baby, something that was always apart of me, just like Ironworks and all the staff, owners and party goers are family and buds to me. I have laid down some rocking good sets and watch so many hot bodies take it all off in the place.

OINK has gone thru a few changes over the years. I remember when Marcus was host and MeatJockey played streamed porn in world. Then MountainBear became my host and it started the beginning of a good party tag team. I really love the dynamic we have now. Cameron is now my host and Kharissa is known as Tammy Swinette and we have Hog Dancers. Kharissa, Leo, SirG, Vaan, and Sy would come out on stage and dance to some numbers thru out the party. OINK has evolved over the years. It went from just being a sex party to a huge show.

OINK will live on folks do not worry. What I am sad about is that tonight will be my last OINK at Age of Iron / Ironworks because they will close down. It will indeed be an emotional night for me and I hope you all come out and celebrate the last OINK at this place with me, Cam, Kharissa and the Hog Dancers. Prepare to remember the good ole times, get piggy, and enjoy a night of dance and emotion that would make Jennifer Lopez lose her ass.

The Age of Iron will close it's doors on February 10, 2011, but tonight we close down OINK at this awesome spot. Where will OINK be at in the future? Well I can say it will be at the same time but different club and sim. We have ideas in the works and mostly they point to The AquA Lounge. I'll keep you posted, but for tonight: Let's Just Fucking Party and get Oinkie!! Festival of Piggies starts at 8pm SLT @ The Age of Iron!!