Saturday, April 14, 2012


Okay here is one of those rare occasions I post AquA Lounge pics here of a cool party we had. The main site is down due to Sascha Laval looking into a hack of the Gay Archipelago main site.

Anyways we had a great underwear party at the club. I love this theme as it is one of our best. Fridays always changing so make sure to check us out at The AquA Lounge every Tuesday and Friday night for rocking parties. It was Friday the 13th but there was no bad luck about the rocking party. DJ Sasch rocked the most awesome tunes....Host Jesse greeted you at the door...and Dancer SweetLatinSpice gave you the forefront of the great eye candy. It was an awesome party for sure.

Enjoy the pics, and one day if you have not...Come join in on the fun :))