Saturday, May 5, 2012


This was 2 hours and 24 mins of a freakin thrill ride that was so satisfying and worth the wait for fan boys and occasional movie/comic goers alike. The 45 minute battle sequence of the fate of the world, catching all our heroes and other casts with equal and good meaningful screen time, and the chemistry was all there. It was like the pages of a comic book jumping at you and moving for ya on screen, and I am not talking about 3D lol.

In said battle sequence the camera panning to all heroes in thier various fights was done with such a flow as I never seen before in any movie. You have to go see this for yourself. It's funny, dramatic and all action packed, but with great story-line and character builds (very much expanded from the solo movies for Hulk, Capt. America, Ironman 1 and 2 and Thor). You will be satisfied and longing for more at the same time.

Hint: Stay for the graphical credits and the ending scroll credits...yes there is TWO after credit scenes.