Sunday, May 27, 2012


On Saturdays now and then I do a set at Mystic Island Club (on rotation as you see from my DJ Schedule). Well I did a set yesterday there and it was awesome. Not just cause of the many awesome party goers (which of course are always good to see...yay perv camming), but due to the fact they changed the venue.

Yeah it is still on an IGBC sim in the Gay Archipelago. However, the club is not the luscious island/modern build we are use too, but a pirate treasure cavern build. They have the sim on a great windlight setting that makes partying awesome and picture taking look vibrant (see pictures below). The place was jumping and I think everyone dug the great atmosphere, build and all that cool eye stuff.

If you have never checked out this new build I think you should go for a party there...or just TP in and check it out to just walk around the place. They party there every Saturday either from 4pm - 6pm SLT (my usual time when I am spinning there) or 3pm - 5pm SLT.

SLURL for Pirate's Cove - Mystic Island Club:

Enjoy the pictures cause I had a blast taking them as well as a blast of spinning over there. Congrats to Mandy and Websnake (owners) and Ohm (Officer/Manager) on the new and unique party setting.