Thursday, June 7, 2012


With the insanity of my RL work, RL DJing, SL DJing, running a club, and everything else I do, it's a wonder when I find time to venture out and explore; or go party somewhere else and be an actual party goer and not a DJ. Well I finally got to do just that after my set at Tadd's Wednesday night.

After doing a little "eeny-meeny-mighty-moe" with a few notices, I chose Primal Urge to venture to. I never been there and as soon as I got there my perv cam was on overload. The place had some hot ass woofers and peeps. Cupric was the DJ and it was great to hear him spin. He came to a few of my sets and I finally got to return the favor and enjoy his. I enjoyed every beat as I was there dancing, and everyone else did too.

The place was primal definitely. Partying inside a ruined castle, Stonehenge-like structure on a primal themed sim is tons of fun. You have to check this place out when you get the chance. Enjoy the pics sexies :)