Friday, June 29, 2012


Thursday I had a nice set at Pride at 12pm SLT. After I was done, I finished up some RL work and then logged on to SL to get ready to RIOT!!

DJ Hotboy started the night off with his good gay dance tunes to shake my ass and that of my bud Masquerade Snowbear. We partied with a good amount of hot bodies and sexy avatars at the Dance Area of Second pride. Hotboy came in his hottest drag, along with 5 others, and put on a nice visual show to go with the music.

At about 6pm we massed TPed to Platnium (the San Francisco inspired sim of Pride) to a mock up of NYC's Stonewall Inn. We all hung outside as the streets burned, guys dressed in cops harassed, and had a re-telling of the events that shaped and molded the LGBTQ community: known as The Stonewall Riots 43 years ago.

Then we danced in the Stonewall Inn mock up. Partied our asses off before marching back to the Dance Area. DJ Rocky took over at 7pm SLT, but I couldn't stay for him as I had to be out in RL doing my thing then. It was fun and awesome day spent online. Saw old buds, met a new one, and sweated my ass off all online.

Huge hugs and Happy Pride!

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