Tuesday, June 12, 2012


DJ InsyX's look and Profile picture for Gay Nations. I know so different huh? LOL

I had a great time at my new weekly set over at Gay Nations grid. It was lots of fun and everyone was very welcoming. I really like the grid a lot. Wendell, Dom, and all the team there are doing a great job. Yeah it still has some bugs to figure out, but what new thing does not. It is a great extension of SL...Not a spin-off nor an opposition, but just another place to play along side of the usual grids we are accustomed to. Best thing is that it is geared to the LGBTQ community. I see great things in their future and I am happy to be at least a small part of the bigger picture over there. For more on all that check out their website at http://gaynations.org/

Now back to the post at hand hehe. So, with a pretty different avatar look I am out there DJing and having a great time. The sim and club is a great pride like funky outdoor area. It is hard to explain so yay for pictures. I will be out there on the Rainbow Pride sim on Gay Nations DJing every Sunday 7pm - 9pm SLT/PDT. It is sponsored by Tbone Island (yes the same one I use to spin at on SL), and Hosted by JoshBear. Check us out. Signing up is easy and hell you can use the same viewer you use for SL. Just toggle the "Grid" button and set up a new connection the Gay Nations :)

Well enjoy the pics. Hope to see yall out there soon. Don't worry I am still on SL doing my sets there too. I just like doing both grids :))

Party on!!

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