Saturday, April 24, 2010


I can't believe it's been 3 years doing this crap LOL. And I LOVE every minute of it!!

Three years ago I was only DJing at AquA, which is my own club, and at friends' clubs like V-Lounge and Alter Ego. Well one day Mountainbear and I  were looking for a new hangout spot we can chill at nightly. Ever since Rainingmen closed, we been at a lost for that nightly weekly spot to chill at, dance, and just converse. Well load and behold we stepped into this new club that was setting up still. People we knew from Rainingmen were there dancing. The owners were Marcus and Meatjockey. I cracked a joke to MB (MountainBear) about I should so DJ here. Well MB was like ask that Marcus guy. I was shy back then and was like you ask him for me lol. I do not know who wound up asking, but I got a job YAY!!

So I come in on a Fridaqy I am suppose to start and Meatjockey was like we will have an Oink party. OMG I have to DJ for naked men on my first night. I was a bit nervous, but in the end it was an awesome party and a great set. NOW: 3 Years later this same event has kept on going each Friday. Some faces are new and some are still the same from days of old, but all in all it is the same rocking party. Oink Fridays has been a staple at Ironworls and will continue to be so. I am happy to be part of this family and team. As I said this is my longest DJ gig in SL and It will be the longest for a long time. Love you all that ever attended, and I hope new people will enjoy it as much as I have thru out the years.

Now!! Enjoy the pics from last night...God there were some awesome sexy bodies :)