Thursday, April 22, 2010


I guess at least on Second Life my DJing has gone international. Well, it always has been since I do sets at German and Australian sims. Now we can add Italian to the mix hehe. I debuted at Gay Village - Gay Italy this Wednesday, for my weekly 1pm - 3pm SL Time slot, and it was really fun. I did not know what most were saying, but I did catch things about the contest, liking my music, and some sexy naughty Italian words. Yes I am gonna have to learn them more lol. My Cousin Mascal came and partied with me. He loved it since he is in Italy in RL. I use him as my translator. LOL.

It was a great set and party...mmm sexy swimwear. You can never go wrong with that as a theme. People did understand what I was saying on the mic and I got some great song requests in IMs. I really love doing sets in places that do not speak English a lot. You would think the language barrier would be a problem, but it is not. Music is universal and everyone had a great time. That is what counts. Plus I get to learn a little Italian along the way :)