Sunday, April 18, 2010


Pandore celebrated their 3rd anniversary this Sunday with a great big party. I was honored to play as one of 4 great DJs. My set was the opening hour and it was a total blast. The party started at 11am SL Time and the theme and contest was NOOB!!

Yes I even changed my avatar to a sexy noob and joined in on the fun and insanity of making fun of ourselves. Hey, if you can't laugh at your self then you are not having a great time right? LOL. The Prize was a cool 5000L and Congrats to the winner. At this time I have no idea who won, due to having to leave for RL in the middle of Sascha Laval's awesome set. Yeah that RL can get in the way sometimes. There were plenty of great contenders for number one. My favorites were JPS, Isinea, FlowX, and Raven. However, many other's were cool too.

It was a blast and fun times. Congrats again to Pandore sim on the 3 years in SL. Enjoy the pics from the party and laugh at all our nooby looks :)

DJ InsyX