Sunday, April 11, 2010


Man oh Man what a wonderful Sunday Night. Before i had to do my usual set at Ironwork's Plaza Party at 7pm SLT....I had to DJ at the Grand Re-Opening of Atlantis 2100's Sim from 5pm - 7pm SLT. (OMG BACK TO BACK SETS LOL) It was amazing and I was the closing 2 hour act. These guys and gals been partying since 12 noon Saturday SL Time. That's right they had a 30 hour party, yet were all still full of energy to dance to my rocking tunes. The party was also a Second Pride Fundraiser so all around great partying for a great cause as well. You really need to check out the sim. It is funky in design with great shops, help spaces, clubs, and a nice awesome park and ballroom. I will do an expose on it in a few days, just so they have time to finish setting up hehe. Here is the SLURL:

There was at least 35 - 40 people on the sim. It jumped to 45 by party's end. The theme for my 2 hours was Best in Goth and Gore. I wore a great outfit from my set's sponsor of Lapointe and Bastchild. I was happy they were my sponsors. I love their clothing, which is mostly goth but they do have casual and leather wear for every day men and women.

I just want to say thanks to Braden, Asar, Sebastian, Irene, Liltank, and my sexy host that night Rodeo. Love you all and good luck with the sim and being another great LGBT Portal into sl for us Gays and Lesbians :) Pictures below to see what the party was like. Hooo!! Enjoy :)