Thursday, April 1, 2010



AS always a new release by LL that wasn't really needed at all, more fluff and crap which no one really wants in the first place.Now let's start this thing off properly from top to bottom of "features"

1) The browser-like interface .......... Okay I liked the top bar being as small as it was, get this shit out of my way I don't need a forwards and backwards, I don't need a teleport history nor do a need the stupid button to click *toses this one into the fire*....I was happy with the OS likeness of 1.23. If you need something you click a button and when you are done just make it go bye-bye, or minimize it. Really, Just get this stupid piece of shit out of here.

2) The pannels on the right-hand side ..... Okay same as the first get this out of here, it's in my way and shrinks down my screen. It's in the areas where I have had things the past 3.5 years My inventory, and various huds i attached/detached there.

3) Improoved Search by Google... I am happy with the way search was before. I press search at the bottom of the screen then depending what I wanted, I go for whatever tab which suits me best in said search. Oh, and I have to fucking re-search to get the list I was working off of before. WTG FUCKING LL...YOU FAIL MORE THAN EX-PRESIDENT FUCKIN BUSH AT A NAKED SPELLING BEE!!

4) A superior alternative to invisiprims for non-human avatars..... Really? You could not just put this and media sharing in a 1.23 fucking type of viewer!?

Anywho as for the interface it doesn't seem to "user freindly" it just looks like alot of the supposed "user freindly" net crap that companies are putting out to be web browsers or Crapspace, Disgracebook and Twat-ter. If I wanted to just look like I am surfing the web then...I dunno maybe I would say...OPEN FUCKING GOOGLE CHROME AND SURF!

This mess may appeal to the noobs that come in to SL from their social networking sites (and even most of them will never get the fullness of what SL offer due to the crap in their faces), but for builders, designers, club owners, DJs, Hosts, maker, baker, and the fucking candlestick maker....2.0 is totally worthless piece of rotten crap that came out of the asses of a development company that guess what? HAS NO FUCKIN IDEA WHAT THE FUCK SECOND LIFE IS!!!

OK that concludes this week's rant on 2.0 IS THE FAIL!!