Monday, May 3, 2010


What am I doing when not DJing? Well, Sunday was fun and relaxing. I did do my usual Sunday afternoon set at Arsenal, then went into RL and cuddled with my hubby and watched Sherlock Holmes....Yes Great Movie and it so needs a sequel!! Then I came on SL after a nap and found my cousin Sonko Carter online. We headed over to Larz and Ziggy's house warming party then since we were already in beach wear, I suggested we go to a surfing sim after the party.

We found a really cool Hawaii style sim and had great surf waves. It was Sonko's first time and I swear he was a pro. This is an activity if you never tried it then you should. I been doing it for years on SL and many times in RL. Just open search when you are in SL and under places tab with any category selected, type in surfing and some great places comes up. Here are some pics of our fun posted here. After all was said in done I filled in for Vortmax at Warehouse Plaza party. Well there is my Sunday in a nutshell...See y'all on the Grid hooo!!