Sunday, May 9, 2010


I really enjoy doing 10pm - midnight SL Time parties. Don't get me wrong I love the big 30 - 50 avatar blow outs and rocking tunes to a large crowd. However, by the end of the night I love chilling out, rocking some tunes for a 10 - 15 person crowd, and conversing more than going all DJ persona like. Well that was the Week-End in a nutshell. This same thing happens at my TBone set as well. Nice small crowd and some great fun. Last week at the Grand Opening there were alot of people. but this week nice and comfy. Both were awesome, and both I enjoyed.

As you all know I am a living dichotomy. I love the best of both and different opposite worlds...NO! I am not Bi LOL!! I am just saying i love yin and yangs, polar opposites, and Black and White in every aspect of what I do. Hell I am a Mac, Linux, PC person LOL. Anyways we had some great conversations about travels and SL to RL meet ups. Musical tastes, TV shows, etc... There was more talk than gestures, and I even forgot to voice on the stream for 50 minutes LOL.

Hope you all come down to the Week-End club if you are ever awake late or early enough (depending where you are in the world), cause it is an awesome time and if you love to chat and hear great tunes then you are in for a world of luck ;) Enjoy the pics!