Monday, May 31, 2010


I have to say I am really enjoying Pride this year more than any other year. I have the honor and privilege of Managing and putting together a cast of great DJs to play in one of the cool areas of the six sims of Second Pride 2010, Rhodium. I am also honored to be playing at Pride for that area and some club parties at the Main Club area for Second Pride.

I think I love this year's Pride due tot he fact that I had input, I got to build and decorate, and I get to help out where I can. I guess it means a little more when you get to see the work you put in, and that of the helping of others, get full use and people have a great time. The parade was laggy as hell, but it did not matter. The 1000 avatars that hung around on the 6 sims and chatted with each other and doing what we do best when lag happens...Stay put and just dance in place LOL. It was true spirit when no matter how wrong something goes, people still have a great time Together!! That is what Pride is all about. Finding strength and happiness together no matter what life throws at you.

Make sure you come down to hear me play at pride, or any of the other cool DJs. Check out the shops, cathedral, AIDS Quilts, Band area, Theater, Main Club, Carnival, and the art. Yes the artwork on these sims are fantastic pieces of work. My eyes go into orgasm when looking at them. For more info on all of this go to or Join the Second Pride Festival group in world. Do not miss any part of the fun and unity to be had at Second Pride 2010. The Festival runs from May 29 - June plenty of times to get there and do fun things.

DJ InsyX Piranha
Second Pride 2010 Events DJ Manager